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Axtell Haller & Slachta, LLC

At Axtell Haller & Slachta, our purpose is to serve clients and help them with their tax, accounting and other financial questions and concerns. We do that using not only knowledge but real experiences as entrepreneurs.

Our fees are significantly less than the larger firms but that does not mean we have less expertise and accordingly, we deliver great value to our clients. We care about each of our clients regardless of their size and needs. Obviously, we do like to get paid for our work, but a “thank you” and satisfaction with our work is just as rewarding.

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We Are More Than Numbers

Axtell Haller & Slachta, LLC (a CPA firm) was formed in November of 2015 with the purpose of continuing and building on the reputation and quality of services the Haller & Associates tax and accounting firm has provided since its start in 2000.

We believe that the culture we have created will allow us to find other sole practitioners and small firms that do not have a succession plan in place and are looking for a home to perhaps continue to work, have a great place for their clients, and to retire on their own terms.

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Pages in our 1913 tax code

We all want a simple tax code. But without a time machine, our job is to understand and translate the complexity of our current tax code in terms that make sense to you.

Pages in our current tax code

We don’t claim to have it memorized but we know where to look. For most of you, our low priced services are all you need. We will let you know when a larger accounting firm is needed, and we will point you in the right direction.

Tax returns completed by us

We have completed over 25,000 tax returns, and we are still here! You can say we have seen it all. We are very experienced, and we have low prices. You are getting high value when you come to Axtell Haller & Slachta, LLC.

Percentage of time spent volunteering

How does volunteering relate to tax matters? It doesn’t. But it relates to our character. We care about our community and the people living in it. When you come to Axtell Haller & Slachta, LLC you will see that we care about you.

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